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Cosmodesias is a generative art project which launched at Art Blocks. The project imagines a region not subjected to orthodox physical space-time conventions.

Light trails navigate a multi-dimensional space warped and bent by mathematical formulas, producing imaginary volumes which become a humble reminder of the vast unknown surrounding us and our existence.

Generative and ( mostly ) on-chain

Cosmodesias are fully generative, meaning the same single code snippet is responsible for creating infinite deterministic outputs. Every time a new 'Cosmodesia' is minted, the transaction hash is used to 'seed' the randomness of the visual outcome, making each mint unique.


Cosmodesias have properties, being 'Material' the one that will generate a bigger rarity delta.

The distribution of material is not even across all the collection, so certain materials will be more 'rare' ( and some will consider more valuable ).

This is a list with a distribution guide of the property Material and their frequency:

Monochroma ~> No color ( ≈96% )

Chroma ~> Has a color gradient ( ≈14% )

Argentum ~> Silver color ( ≈7% )

Aurum ~> Gold color ( ≈1% )

You can check the rarity level of your Cosmodesias on Opensea.


These are some sample outputs generated by the script.

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